RST Consultancy has extensive experience teaching, mentoring and coaching with: Process Safety programs, Behavior Based Safety programs, Enviromental Safety programs, Safety Awereness Programs,
HSE Coaching & Training programs.


RST Consultancy has extensive experience in process and chemical engineering with waste incineration, waste water treatment and waste gas treatment, which includes start-ups and shutdowns, troubleshooting, inspections, commissioning and testing, experience in educating and teaching in process analyses, process safety, health and welfare.

Material handling

RST Consultancy experience working with chemicals, hazardous substances, boilers, water treatment, waste water treatment, high pressure steam pipelines, rotating machinery.

Who we are?

A company with high standards and commitment to customers in the fields of safety, health and environment.

The key to a joyful, rewarding, productive, fulfilled life lies in having a healthy physical body, within an emotional safe environment where your spiritual being can accelerate and grow to achieve greatness.

Do you need help or have questions about hazardous substances, workers heat load, risk assessment and evaluation, noise levels rules, safety and health plans, behavioral based safety, environmental awareness, emergency services setup or process safety trainings?

RST Consultancy is the right company for you to connect with. RST Consultancy stands for Resilience, Straightforward & Trustworthy.


the ability to cope under difficult and stressful circumstances and make wise healthful choices at the same time.


not circuitous or evasive, honest and frank, plain and open, with firmness and conviction, without compromise.


a person in whom you can place your trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed. A honest, reliable and dependable person.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Safety Engineering. The three modern languages I dominate are: Dutch, English and Spanish.

The values of Riley Safety Training

Our vision is to help, improve, contribute, aid and assist employers and employees to realize a healthy and safe working environment, profitable for both the employer and the employee.

In order to have a healthy and safe working environment, profitable for both the employer and the employee, we need rules and regulations. But rules and regulations are just a piece of text if the person reading them doesn't believe in them, rely on them or places their trust in them. It's all about trust.

Trust is essential in this process. The employer values must be the same, or at least match-up on some points of the employee values, for trust to become a mutual part of the process. Success comes through the thriving and growing of the talents and skills of the employee, being used to heighten the success of the employer.

That is why RST Consultancy has set up a set of five values by which they operate, work and function. The five values are:


a company you can rely on, they deliver what they promise.


consists of ethical and moral values, such as soundness, sincerity, honesty, honor and incorruptibility.


faithfulness to commitments and obligations, a real good sense of duty, steadfastness to the task.


the talent and quality which surpasses ordinary performances.

Young of mind and spirit;

a company with the flexibility to work and communicate on different levels of the scale in more than one language.

The services of Riley Safety Training

Consultancy for risk assessment & evaluation plans, safety control plans, process safety plans, health plans, a balanced working conditions plan, execution of environmental plans, emergency plans, management reviews, environmental control, improvement programs.

Workshops and training for process safety, personal safety, environmental safety, behavioral safety, employee motivation, working conditions regulations, risk control & assessment.

SHE assistance during turnarounds, construction projects, improvement projects in Dutch, English and Spanish.

SHE advise during implementing of new or revised working plans, revised process safety plans, behavioral based safety programs.

Help with writing, editing and reviewing of process manuals, training programs, work procedures, best practices analyses, outage analyses, plant shutdown and startup procedures.

SHE consultant, SHE engineer, SHE trainer, SHE coach.

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Feel free to contact Riley Safety Training for any question you may have concerning SHE requirements. And remember that the key to a joyful, rewarding, productive and fulfilled life is having:

A healthy physical body, within an emotional safe environment where your spiritual being can accelerate and grow to achieve greatness.

We are here to help, advise, support and assist you in anyway possible.
Together we can make your life and workspace a better and safer environment for a healthy performance.

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